Rims Vendors

Do you want new custom wheels for your beloved car or truck? Our wide range of custom and stylish wheels will make you dizzy!  We are your local dealer for hundreds of wheels:  Eclipse Rims, Wheel Pros, Lenso wheels, Dub Ballers,  XO Wheels, XIX, F1R, Avid1, 2Crave, STR-Racing, MRR, ESR, Delta Wheels, STAAR Wheels, Rota Wheels,  Ace Alloy Wheels, Status Wheels, TSW and many more.  If you don't see it we still have it.  

Send year, make, model of vehicle and desire wheel size for instant quote and savings.

Don't forget to ask about our wheels and tires package discount. 


20" starting at  low as $1099

22" starting as low as $1499

24" starting as low as $1699

28" Starting as low as $1899

30" starting as low as $2199

Free calipers painted with all wheels and tires sets.

Leasing with 90 day buy out option.